With the use of “Magic Manures” crop yield has more than doubled. The use of chemical fertilisers has reduced, thereby reducing costs. With its use since the last five years, soil health has also improved.
Sethumadhavan - Nenmara

Soil condition has improved. Plants grow faster and thus the can be harvested sooner. Quality and nutrient content of Bitter Gourd, tomatoes and pumpkins etc is much better.
Somu Gounder Farmer - Sethumadai

Water requirement is reduced by half with the use of “Magic Peat” as compared to the use of chemical fertiliser and the yield is quadrupled. Plants are disease free. Pesticide cost is reduced. Good results even in areas with less irrigation.
Ibrahim Hajji, Farmer - Kundai

The use of “Magic Peat” sees the plants grow to a height not commonly seen. With stronger roots the plants grow stronger. Have used this for the cultivation of Nutmeg and Coconuts and is giving very good yield.
Sibi Mathew, Farmer - Pattikad

The use of “Magic Peat” improved the quality and weight in crops and fruits and therefore we get a better price for the yield. Crop yield increased one and half times and improved my profit.
Sounderaj Gounder - Ponnamandurai.

"Magic Peat" Organic potting soil is the best ever soil substitute I have ever used for terrace gardens. It is clean, sterilised and weed free and very easy to make a garden. Its a clean natural stuff and I have saved a lot on fertilisers.
Ms. Sophia, Housewife, Kottayam.

Making a garden is now so easy with "Magic Peat" Organic Potting Soil. Now my children are enjoying and helping me with my garden work as it is very clean and filled with nutrients required for all plants. Now my dependence on fertilisers has gone down very much. No ore dirty soil. Thanks to Magic Peat.
Ms. Teresa, Housewife, Vytilla, Ernakulam.

"Magic Manure" is a very good natural fertiliser and has improved my crops to a large extent and come to my rescue especially during the wet rainy season when the chemical fertilisers fail and and attract a lot of pest and root rotting starts. I recommend "Magic Manure" to all farmers for commercial farming. It brings down your pesticide usage to a large extent.
Dharmaraj, Farmer, Pollachi.

I use "Magic Repeller" once a week whether the crop is infested with pest or not. It keeps the pests away and at the same time increases the immunity of the plant from any disease. It is filled with micro nutrients and so the crops are more healthier and better flowering and giving a good harvest. The vegetables are giving longer shelf life.
Mariappen, Farmer, Avalchinnampalayam, Pollachi.

I am a regular user of "Magic Manure and Magic Neem" for my coconut garden for the past 4 years and the yield has increased dramatically. The trees are now more healthier and the soil has come rich in micro life.
Basheer, Near Kaliamman Koil, Pollachi.

"Magic Peat" is a very good substitute for soil less gardening. Now I have converted my unproductive backyard to a wonderful vegetable kitchen garden which also provides nutrient rich clean vegetables which even taste better. Now I have stopped buying those chemically grown and poison sprayed vegetables from shops. Thanks to "Magic Peat"
Madhu, Irinjalakuda.

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