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There can be hardly be a more heart warming sight than a lush green patch in your home. Natural surroundings give entire house a cool look and keep pollution at bay. But in these times of high rise buildings and concrete jungles, only a lucky few can afford the luxury of a lawn or garden. And only the luckiest can afford a kitchen garden at the back of their homes

Now PEAT Technologies after a long period of research has come out with renewable and environment clean product Magic Peat - POTTING MIX which can be used as an alternate soil or mix it with soil to boost the nutrient value of the old soil. Magic Peat is just like a fresh live soil with all the natural nutrients in the right proportion and so gives more yield and life to the plant/tree.

Even in the modern times, a patch of garden in the backyard or terrace is unique in the sense that it is the house owners private little farmland which yields nutritious food stuff for the entire household. It provides nature lovers the simple earthy pleasure of growing vegetables and fruits with their own hands. For what could be more stress busting than an activity that produces food for the family, provides a lush outdoor and give sustenance to body and soul.

Besides adding ambience to the house, one of the biggest advantages of a kitchen garden is that you can grow vegetables without the use of harmful pesticides. The greens are fresher, tastier and contain more vitamins and minerals if they come directly from your own kitchen garden.

When you purchase vegetables from the market, you never know how they are grown and the hazardous chemicals & poisons they use, and as day’s go-by they age and lose nutrients. When they are picked fresh from a kitchen garden and eaten soon thereafter, these nutrients provide the best minerals, vitamins, iron and proteins to the body. Now a days all the pests are immune to the normal pesticides and hence the farmers are forced to apply more hazardous pesticides from the day of germination of seeds and even just before the harvest day of vegetables

Indeed fresh vegetables from your own kitchen garden grown organically can completely alter the taste of food. Most kitchen garden owners tell you that no food can be more delicious, appealing, healthier or more pleasurable than what we make ourselves.


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