Welcome to the World of Organic Farming for a better and cleaner future
Peat Technologies is one of the leading processor of organic growing medium in India

Peat Technologies offers a wide range of organic inputs for sustainable agriculture and horticulture. These products specially address the serious modern day concerns about environmental degradation and the threat posed to human health as a result of poisonous chemical inputs

Our products are bio-degradable, environment friendly, protect crops naturally, are safe to use and at the same time help increase crop yields.

Our products have been successfully used in Integrated Crop Management (ICM) systems.

Peat Technologies has its own fully equipped R&D Centre and research farm located in Pollachi which help maintain the strictest quality control standards of its products. It is our constant Endeavour to develop and bring to you new environmentally safe and ecologically viable eco friendly products.

Peat Technologies has been the first to develop different innovative products from Coir Pith adopting composting technology which can be used in sectors like agriculture, horticulture, Vegetable, Tea, Coffee & Spices plantations, home/hobby gardeners, and flower growers, greenhouse hydroponics production, golf green construction terrace gardening and many other specialist applications. As a different concept, COCO ABSORBENTS is having a very good market in oil industries for spilled oil retrieval by coco peat pillows and also removal of various hazardous fuel wastes.
Soilless Gardening
There can be hardly be a more heart warming sight than a lush green patch in your home. Natural surroundings gives entire house a cool look and keep pollution at bay. But in these times of high rise buildings and concrete jungles, only a lucky few can afford the luxury of a lawn or garden. And only the luckiest can afford a kitchen garden at the back of their homes.

Magic Peat

Growing Medium is - 100% Natural Eco Friendly Organic Multi Purpose Growing medium /Potting medium made from renewable Coir Pith and adding different varieties of friendly bacteria's, Fungus's, Effective Micro Organism's, Panchagavya and other natural minerals and also Harnessed with the Neem powder and other herbicides to exhibit Pest repellent and Nematicides property. It can be used for all kind of gardening / cultivation


Our Recent Products
Magic Plus
Agriculture production is a very intensive business and is related to better quality and better yield leading to better
Organic Manures
A perfect plant meal made from composted green manure blended with whole powdered neem, bone mea
Coir Fibre Products
Coir fibre, obtained from the tissues surrounding the seed of the coconut palm, Cocos nucifera, is one of the few natural